Our Craftsmanship

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide quality wood furniture that will last a lifetime. We construct each piece one at a time, with an artistic attitude and take pride in the quality that we have handcrafted. Unlike mass-produced furniture made from particle board, our handcrafted accent furniture features durable designs, quality matched hardwoods, traditional joinery techniques and custom hand finishing.


Quality Designs

Whether it's Mission, Arts and Crafts, Shaker or our own Classic styling, quality is built into each design to ensure long lasting durability while allowing for natural wood movement. We diligently produce CAD drawings for everything we make, to maintain our level of quality and accuracy.


Matched Hardwoods

We hand select each piece of wood that goes into a project. This allows us to match the color and graining within each piece of furniture to enhance the overall appearance.


Joinery Techniques

We utilize a variety of joinery techniques to produce our handcrafted accent pieces. Our use of biscuits, dovetails, tongue and grooves, mortise and tenons, and dadoes produce the strongest joints possible for high quality accent furniture that will last for years.


Custom Hand Finishing

Everything we make is hand sanded and finished by one of our skilled craftsman who has handcrafted your project from start to finish.


We Hate Particle Board, You Should Too

A lot of products that you may be seeing on the internet or down at the local home improvement store, are probably made of particle board. The tell tale sign is when it says "Oak Finish", never says that it's solid oak. It's not really oak, it's particle board wrapped in a coating. And it's great that you can get an oak finished coat rack for a really low price, but is it worth it? We say no, and here is why. Particle board is made from ground up wood scraps and is glued together to make boards. Particle board is kind of flaky, so screws don't hold in it for very long as it will just chip away with a little pressure, and it swells up when it gets wet. We only use quality hardwoods, it may cost twice as much, but it will last a lot longer. We offer a better value, and a greener option than having to throw out all that particle board when it breaks.