Woods & Finishes

Please note that the color samples below, can vary depending on your monitor and should only be used to approximate the final finish color. Actual samples can be purchased below to make a more accurate match firsthand. We do not guarantee exact color matching due to the natural variances in the coloring and graining of the wood used for your purchase.

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     Oak    Maple Cherry Walnut
Natural oak.natural.jpg maple.natural.jpg cherry.natural.jpg walnut.natural.jpg
Golden Oak oak.natural.jpg maple.natural.jpg cherry.natural.jpg
Cherry oak.cherry.jpg maple.cherry.jpg cherry.cherry.jpg  
Antique Brown oak.antiquebrown.jpg maple.antiquebrown.jpg cherry.antiquebrown.jpg  
Red Mahogany oak.redmahogany.jpg maple.redmahogany.jpg cherry.redmahogany.jpg  
Dark Walnut oak.darkwalnut.jpg maple.darkwalnut.jpg cherry.darkwalnut.jpg uwalnut.darkwalnut.jpg
Brown Mahogany oak.brownmahogany.jpg maple.brownmahogany2.jpg cherry.brownmahogany.jpg  
Candelite oak.candelite.jpg maple.candelite.jpg cherry.candelite.jpg  
Espresso oak.espresso.jpg maple.espresso.jpg cherry.espresso.jpg uwalnut.espresso.jpg
Java oak.espresso.jpg maple.espresso.jpg cherry.espresso.jpg uwalnut.espresso.jpg
Weathered Oak oak.weatheredoak.jpg maple.weatheredoak.jpg cherry.weatheredoak.jpg  
Barnwood oak.barnwood.jpg maple.barnwood.jpg cherry.barnwood.jpg walnut.barnwood.jpg
  Mission Oak Mission Cherry Mission Walnut Mission Java
Quarter Sawn Oak qso.oak.jpg qso.cherry.jpg qso.walnut.jpg qso.java.jpg